Student Accommodations

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Student Accommodations and English Instruction in Cebu Philippines

Cebu Languages ESL School offer accommodations options that fit student preferences. Pick an affordable lifestyle while you receive your English instruction in Cebu Philippines. Our own Mandarin Home, hotel or resort living on the beach gives you living style options. We do not own the BlueFins Resort or Maribago Pension Spa Hotel accommodations and do not receive profit from them, but we offer the best prices for our long stay students. Mandarin Homes are under the control of Cebu Languages and housing prices are per person. Prices start at $ 400 per month rent for private rooms.  Shared room with 2 people are $ 250 per person rent cost. Students can have day guests in their rooms, overnight house stay is only for enrolled students. There is an extra charge of $50 for the registration of the accommodation. Students are allowed to change their accommodation anytime themselves at their cost.

Contact us about shared room availability and cost for any of the listed accommodations.

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Terms and Condition:

Prices are valid from January 01, 2015 and subject to change without notice. Payments and deposits must be received at least 30 days before arrival and start of classes to insure enrollment and accommodation preference. Payments for BlueFins Resort accommodations must be made 60 days in advance to insure your reservation. Promotions offered are limited and the same terms and conditions apply. Walk in enrollment is subject to a 10 % charge on the total amount and including course, accommodations and prepaid meals. We do not guaranty accommodation availability for walk in inquiries and do not guaranty, accommodation reservation or course space. Students paying month to month are charged full public price and must give notification of extension or intention of discontinuing their ESL program, two weeks in advance. Students exiting our ESL programs are not allowed to extend or occupy our accommodations or extending of special pricing for listed accommodations. Rescheduling of courses and accommodations are the first course of action before the issuance of a refund by Cebu Languages and will be done by the School Head or Vice President. Refunds will only be granted due to medical hardship or death within the immediate family and charged a 20% processing fee for the total amount received by Cebu Languages. Students with pre-existing medical conditions and or food allergies must notify the School Head in writing, prior to enrollment.