Student Activities

Activities and Tours for ESL Students Learning the Gift of English Fluency !

Cebu Languages ESL School has all of the fun in the sun activities available at our English Language Center.  Learn English courses and enjoy all the tours of the Philippines. When you are not in class to study, you can relax or do all the physically challenging water activities right at our school. Other destinations are made easy with our trusted drivers and guides that charge local prices. We do not charge extra just because you are a visitor. Read more about tours and activities options below.

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School Location:

Balloon ride

Banana Boat Ride

Fly Boarding

Island Hopping

Jet Skiing



Scuba Diving


Swimming Pool

Unlimited Beach access

 Half Day Activities:

ATV Riding

Casino Night



Pistol/Rifle Range


Rope Course

Sky Tops

SkyWalk/Edge Coaster Ride


Wall Climbing

Zip Line

Full Day Activities:


Cebu City Historical Tour

Cebu City Shopping Tour

Horseback Riding

Jungle Obstacle Course

Oslob Whale Shark Swimming

Shopping Excursion

Sky Tops Scenic Outlook

Tumalog/Kawasan waterfalls

2+ Day Touring:

Bohol Island–  local and international crowds, Chocolate hills, historical sites, Loboc River buffet, Tarsier(Smallest monkey) white sand beaches …etc.

Comotes Island–  favorite with locals, beautiful beaches, ATV, caving, scuba, snorkeling … etc.

Boracay Islandmusic and dancing every night, international crowds, white sand beaches and all forms of activities.