Sightseeing Tours

Business English Study Course & Tours Cebu Philippines.

Sightseeing tours for students who want to travel and study ESL, IELTS, TOEIC or Business English, we are the perfect English Language Center for you! Since you have traveled this far you might want to complete your English study course, by taking interesting tours in Cebu arranged by our school staff. Cebu is a complete tourist island paradise in itself. We want you to experience the whole package through the vast options of travel while you are here. We offer tours to the wonders and treasures found in more than 7,100 islands of the Philippines. We believe that learning English in a relaxing environment can yield better results. You can sing your heart out to the white sand beaches. Cebu has crystal clear waters, world-class diving sites, dolphin and whale watching. For adventure hike amongst the rich fauna and flora. Students who enjoy a challenge can try the world-renowned wakeboarding facilities and many other things. Running out of surprises is not in our vocabulary. Travel to some of the numerous island for a day or overnight to see local and international favorite getaways. We do the planning for you, just tell us what you want to experience in the Philippines.