About Cebu


English study travel is popular with ESL students wanting to improve their English fluency and tour new places.  Our ESL school offers an English study course that fits any ESL student’s needs and a schedules, making it easy to visit all of the tourist destination in Cebu or other parts of the Philippines. The staff at our English center are eager to help you plan your tour to  Philippine hot spots and understand its history.

Among the countries in Asia, the Philippines stand out as one of the best places to visit. Within the cultured islands, Cebu ranks first as a tropical paradise and a business haven for people looking for both enjoyment and adventure. The English speaking native Filipinos gives warmth and hospitality to all those  who come and visit the place.

Cebu is eyed as the “next great economic zone”, the “newest boom town”, and the “Queen City of the South.” It holds the title of the most popular tourist     and business destination in the Philippines. 

Cebu Island is surrounded by many cultured islets like Negros, Samar, Leyte, Bohol and Panay which makes Cebu safe from all mother nature’s destruction. Climate is clement the whole year round and white sandy beaches that are located near luxurious resorts. These have drawn an enormous mass of tourists in the province. Cebu’s attractions doesn’t just end here, businesses are booming with a special touch on outsourcing (BPO’s group of foreign companies) activities. Friendly, English speaking native Cebuanos are among the best entertainers here that gives life to    the fast growing vibrant city here in the province. 


Cebu’s population is over 3.5 millions and over 10 thousand tourists come to Cebu every month during the months of October up to February. Koreans and Japanese flood the city of Cebu all throughout the year. Crime rate in the province as well as in the city has practically the lowest percentage. It is a place where people can call it a “home away from home.”