IELTS Study Program 

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IELTS  Study Center, Get Higher Band Scores for ESL Learners in Cebu Philippines

Cebu Languages ESL School, offers the best Intensive IELTS Study Courses for ESL Learners. Students learn IELTS courses prepared and managed by our expert Native Speaking Instructors and partner institutes. Our Mactan Island ESL center offers IELTS courses to students who are low-intermediate and higher English levels. Learn IELTS at our English Center and you will excel your English fluency! Our IELTS program develops balanced proficiency in the four necessary areas of communicative skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. We examine common themes of topical importance and instruct you how deal with countless topics to pass an IELTS exam. Students practice the methods used in American, Canadian, British and Australian universities as they analyze and produce academic work in English. Take the time to compare the relation to being exposed to Native Speaking Instructors to the possibility of higher band scores.  Native Speaking IELTS instruction means shorter study duration time, that’s what makes our learning program so successful. Save time and money by choosing the best IELTS program with Native Instructors at Cebu Languages!

You will develop a wider range and depth of sophisticated practical vocabulary in the form of lexical presentations. We devolve and improve your receptive skills translating to increased fluency of English as individuals and as a group. When using actual and relevant contextual materials such current event news articles, business articles and reports, travel informational brochures, social and environmental awareness subjects to form English practicality of uses.

Who accepts IELTS?

IELTS is the world’s proven test and prevailing as the future’s English level testing standard. Due to its high quality controls, IELTS is accepted by more than 9,000 organisations in over 145 countries where English prevails.

• Universities, schools, training colleges, tertiary institutes
• Government departments and agencies
• Professional and industry bodies
• Multinational companies and employers

Prices are listed as US Dollars
$ 375
$ 1,270
$ 3,750
$ 5,000
$ 6,250
$ 7,500
Airport Service
$ 50

IELTS Study Test Review Preparation Package Includes, your IELTS Study Course, lunch and a shared room in our Cebu Languages Mandarin Homes. Please follow this link: Mandarin Home and read about our Mandarin Homes and the cost advantages of these accommodations for students wanting to cook and enjoy a quite multinational upscale subdivision.

Look Below for Package Prices:

IELTS Test Preparation Course, Mandarin Home Accommodations and Lunch, Monday - Friday in US Dollars
$ 1,670
$ 4,950
$ 6,475
$ 8,125
$ 9,750
Airport Service
$ 50
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Levels accepted

  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Intermediate
  • Pre-Advanced
  • Advanced

Starting Dates:

1st Monday through the 2nd Monday of each month (first 6 school days of the month).

All courses are inclusive of:

  • 100% Native Speaking Instructors
  • classes from Monday to Friday
  • intensive 50-minute sessions with a highly qualified Native instructor
  • 4 hours IELTS morning session with a Native Instructor (3 to 5 students)
  • 2 hours ESL afternoon session with a Native Speaker (6 to 10 students)
  • diagnostic and simulation exercises
  • IELTS workbook and unlimited practice tests
  • tips and exam strategy, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation classes
  • coaching and feed backing with instructors
  • IELTS Examination Registration Assistance (IDP or British Council)