General English Study Program

General English Study Program cebu tiếng anh học philippines ingilizce Cebu Filipinler çalışma 英語学校セブフィリピン 学习英语菲律宾宿雾

English Study Course in Cebu Philippines Learn from Native Speaking Instructors!

General English study at Cebu Languages ESL School in Cebu Philippines. General English is the first step for students who want to learn IELTS test success. Our intensive General English as a Second Language (ESL) course center is ideal for beginner to advanced level students needing to learn English.  English study course teaches you all the skills necessary to effectively communicate in English. Intensive English study classes concentrate on the following language areas: speaking, listening, reading, grammar, writing and vocabulary. Different nationalities have weaknesses in correct pronouncing. Learning correct pronunciation is essential for accent reduction and is addressed using effective assessment, drills and exercises. If your pronunciation weaknesses are the L-R-V and B sounds, voiced and voiceless Th or the three “ed” sounds at the end of a verb, this program will address and correct pronunciation. Instructors are trained to identify and correct as needed for individual students. Speaking English effectively can be a contradiction to other language styles of conversation. We stress the importance of precise response and eliminate vague or delayed response habits to questions. 

Students are given level tests upon arrival and placed in level appropriate classes. Student progression is monitored daily and tested on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that the class is addressing their skill improvement needs. Our relevant topic-based curriculum will increase a student’s confidence. Students learn to describe and talk about their day-to-day experiences, expressing opinions effective use of adjective, adverbs and modifiers when speaking and writing.

Students express dramatic confidence in their ESL English skills around the third and fourth weeks of classes. It is our observation that students begin to excel and are more receptive to the instructor’s presentations in the weeks that follow. ESL Students become use to their instructors voice and saturation of English spoken from multinational classmates and their new surroundings.

We suggest that students plan to enroll a minimum of three months to achieve the best English foundation skills and English level increases.

General English Course Prices Only, listed as US Dollars
$ 325
$ 1,145
$ 3,375
$ 4,500
$ 5,625
$ 6,750
Airport Service
$ 50

We are offering an Intensive General English Course Package. Includes General English Course, lunch and a shared room in our Cebu Languages Mandarin Homes. Please follow this link: Mandarin Home and read about our Mandarin Homes and the cost advantages of these accommodations for students wanting to cook and enjoy a quite multinational upscale subdivision.

Look Below for Package Prices.

General English Course, Mandarin Home Accommodations and Lunch, Monday - Friday in US Dollars
$ 1,545
$ 4,575
$ 6,000
$ 7,500
$ 9,025
Airport Service
$ 50
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Levels accepted:

  • Beginner
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Intermediate
  • Pre-Advanced

General English courses are open enrollment and inclusive of:

  • 100 % Native Speaking Instructors
  • classes from Monday to Friday
  • 6 house intensive 50-minute sessions with a Native Speaker
  • 4 hours morning session mini groups (3 to 6 students)
  • 2 hours afternoon groups (6 to 10 students)
  • students from different countries
  • all ESL learning materials
  • communicative activities, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation classes