Free English Level Test

Please try our Free English Level Test

Cebu Languages ESL School offers English education in Cebu Philippines.  This level test is an intermediate or B1 level test. If you are able to complete the test with a 100% correct, you are of an intermediate English level in grammar. Our Free English Level Test should be completed within 40 minutes. The remaining unanswered questions after the 40 minutes time limit, should be counted as incorrect answers. Students enrolled in our ESL school to study English courses will be given additional and different English level tests. The four English skills students will be tested are in the areas of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. We will assess their performance based on test results. Students are then being issued to correct learning materials placed in the English level appropriate class to study English.

This free English level test only reflects your ability to pick the correct multiple choice answer as it relates to grammar structure. It is not a complete assessment of the previously mentioned English skills. 

By taking this grammar-based test you can obtain an approximate rating of your English grammar language skills. If you want the result to reflect your grammar level in English? Take the test only once, do not exceed 40 minutes and do not use a dictionary!

Good Luck on your Free English level test and remember with our ESL Study  Programs, your English test results will get much better !

Free English Level Test