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Business English Study Course and BULATS in the Philippines !

Business English Study Course and BULATS (Business Language Testing Service). Cebu Languages ESL School offers business executives success in understanding the English Business world. If, you are migrating into English speaking countries and are in need of the best BULATS Preparation program in the Philippines and want to master the certified examination, you have to look no further. Our Native Speaking Business English instructors define the phrase “all business”. Study business English and learn about current and new markets opening worldwide. If you are looking to start up a business where English communication is vital, our program will prove to be invaluable. You will leave our program with the knowledge about corporate culture. Identifying, setting up and changing corporate culture is essential for businesses to foster a creative, enthusiastic and productive working environment. Tour and enjoy Cebu and travel the surrounding islands. Our staff make it easy and do the arrangements for you.

The importance of professional correspondences. Speaking and writing skills are a must for making proposals, presentations, cold calls and emails, or when chairing a meeting. We teach you how convey precise information to colleagues, staff and customers.

Learn about negotiations and the different approaches you can employ and that will be used by your counter parts. Know how to use bargaining points, leverage and set constraints. Understand how to overcome sticking points, deadlock and when to compromise or play hardball in negotiating leases, proposals, quotes and or dealing with subordinates.

Read line graphs, pie charts and bar graphs relating to sales, production, profit, and understand how they are used for streamlining processes, production, time management which directly relates to the bottom line of any successful business.

Advertising and marketing your products and services: Understand why it is important to have a catchy logo or slogan that represents everything about your company’s products, culture and customer service. How to use software to build databases with valuable information from your customers to help improve your products, services and customer service. Use the same customer information to introduce new products, services and extend promotions to clients or target new markets.

The internet is a powerful tool that can help or hurt you when it comes to sales, history, distribution and collection of payment. Learn how to avoid pitfalls, before they become your business’s history and reputation.

Overseas partnerships, joint ventures and employment is the heart of our business English program. Identifying local Language(s), laws, regulations, tastes, customs, collaborations, competitors and finance. Using the skills mentioned above, our business English course addresses these factors and more when doing business or planning business ventures into new or existing foreign markets.

Students’ learning business English might see the same scenario happening for themselves, as have our Instructors: Our Native speaking business instructors have made their choice and decided to work in the Philippines. They have firsthand practical experience in transitioning to foreign markets that will help you understand some obstacles that they had to overcome to be successful.

Business English and BULATS Require a Minimum of 12 Weeks Enrollment for Completion. Prices are listed as US Dollars
$ 375
$ 1,270
$ 3,750
$ 5,000
$ 6,250
$ 7,500
Airport Service
$ 50

We are offering Intensive Business English and BULATS Test Preparation Packages. Includes your choice of Business English  or BULATS Test Preparation Course , lunch and a shared room in our Cebu Languages Mandarin Homes. Please follow this link: Mandarin Home and read about our Mandarin Homes and the cost advantages of these accommodations for students wanting to cook and enjoy a quite multinational upscale subdivision.

Look Below for Package Prices.

Business English and BULATS Test Courses, Mandarin Home Accommodations and Lunch, Monday - Friday in US Dollars
$ 1670
$ 4,950
$ 6,475
$ 8,125
$ 9,750
Airport Service
$ 50

Business English  Study Course includes:

  • 100% Native Speaking Instructed course
  • 50 minutes sessions
  • 6 sessions per day Monday to Friday
  • 4 morning sessions mini group with Native Instructor (3 to 6 students)
  • 2 optional afternoon sessions General English with Native Instructor (6 to 10 students)
  • all business learning materials
  • students must supply their own laptop with MS word/Power Point for assignment tasks
  • 3 students needed to offer class

Business  English program covers the areas listed below: 

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Levels accepted:

    • Elementary (B2) to Advanced (C 1)
  • all verb tenses
  • accent reduction
  • BULATS exam tips and mock testing
  • cleft sentences
  • complex sentences
  • compound nouns

  • conditional clauses
  • conditional sentences
  • expressions
  • embedded questions
  • infinitive verb
  • listening skills
  • oral communication
  • passive forms
  • phrasal verbs/nouns
  • position adverbs
  • presentation skills
  • speaking hypothetically
  • technical writing
  • variations on conditionals