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A Paradise for English Learners

Acquire the skills to speak the English language where the possibilities are endless. Cebu Languages can offer a first class learning experience and a wide variety of recreational activities that will allow you to experience all that Cebu has to offer.

Our staff of seasoned professionals achieve your goals and get the most out of your time in the Philippines. Our teachers are dedicated and prepared to offer a program that addresses your needs and goals.

Cebu Languages gives you a chance to learn English in a picturesque setting. You can also enjoy tropical climate and all the fun in the sun available.



Cebu Languages offers a comprehensive curriculum that allows each individual student to achieve their goals. Whether you are a beginner, preparing for the IELTS exam or somewhere in between, we have a program suited for you.

We can also provide you with a wide range of recreational and cultural activities to make it an exceptional once in a lifetime experience.

Swimming, scuba diving, island hopping, snorkeling and jet sking are just some of the exciting activities students can enjoy when they are not in class.



Our teachers are individuals with multiple instructional certifications and experience with ESL Learners. Our dedicated staff is eager to help you enjoy learning English. Each teacher at Cebu Languages has been trained and certified as an ESL professional. All of our Native English speakers and an exclusive group of Filipino teachers will work to offer the most effective teaching methods to meet each student’s specific needs.

Be assured that here at Cebu Languages our students will receive the finest English education available in the Philippines.



Cebu Languages’ mission is to attract multi-national learners while offering them an opportunity to come together with English as their common goal. We have done that. The students at Cebu Languages come from many countries throughout the world. Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Russia and China are just some of the places our students call home. Together our students will learn as a group and enjoy the many sites and attractions Cebu has to offer. Students will develop an understanding for different cultures, traditions and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.


What Our Students Say About Us

Ryohei Miwa

“Actually my English has improved more than I expected. I’m really satisfied with this school. If somebody would ask me about our  school I’d say  “It’s an incredibly nice school!”. I had a great time swimming with the big shark and my Bohol Island visit was pretty good. Now, I feel confident that all the knowledge I learned in this school will be very useful.  Thank you so much and see you soon.”

Ryohei MiwaTokoname-Shi Aichi, Japan
Tamara Brigadnova

“I achieved my goal here. I can speak and understand English better. This course so far has been very useful and the teachers were very fun to have class with. Our Bohol trip was very enjoyable, too!”

Tamara BrigadnovaMoscow, Russia
Ulrich Arne Schmidt

“The cost was cheap. Cebu Languages has very good committed teachers, friendly and nice school place, interesting international classmates. It was a great educational experience!

Ulrich Arne SchmidtEmmenbruecke, Switzerland
Minh Tu Nguyen

“The teachers are great, they were very helpful. I met a lot of people from Russia, China, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Korea and Japan. I will cheerfully recommend the school to my friends!”

Student Update: Currently received his Australian Visa after successfully passing the certified IELTS Examination. We wish him well!

Minh Tu NguyenHo Chi Minh, Vietnam
Lingling Li

“I like everything here. I had an excellent learning experience in ESL with my Native Speaking teacher. My classmates come from different countries which gives me a chance to speak English all day and everyday! I also enjoyed snorkeling at the beach with my new friends after school!”

Student Update: After passing her English Interview, she has now found employment with one of the largest international hotel chains in the world.

Lingling LiHangzhou, Zhai Jian, China
Shin Kwangsoo

“This school is the only Native School in Cebu City. It is great! The course is valuable. I will definitely come back in Cebu Languages ESL School!”

Student Update: Shin has enrolled for our September General English Course, making this his third return to Cebu Languages.

Shin KwangsooToyohashi City, Aichi, Japan
Carmen Pacheco Lopez

“My experience in Cebu Languages was better than I expected!  The teachers are excellent and encouraging plus they support me to improve  in every single class to speak and write correctly. Besides that, the staff  assisted me in arranging my weekend and after class activities but most of all they helped me find “MY CHEESE”.”

Carmen Pacheco LopezBarcelona, Spain
Atsuhiko Mekata

“I speak only English at school, doing this makes me happy, not only that I had a chance to meet and make friends with a classmate from Mali who is working in Saudi Arabia. He speaks Arabic!  Also, I like that the school location is inside a beach resort by the sea. Overall, I am very happy! Thank you.”

Atsuhiko MekataPattaya, Thailand